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Trump on Video Helping Corroborate The Money Trail Mueller Has Found

‘There’s no collusion. There’s no connection between the Trump campaign/administration and Russia. They’ve found no evidence of collusion.” That’s the familiar refrain of popular vote loser Donald Trump himself.  Of course, we all (including Trump) know where there’s A LOT of smoke, there’s fire.

For example, the New York Times released a report that indicates Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump taking $150,000 for a speech given remotely from a Russian billionaire oligarch, during the time Trump was campaigning.

The payment in question showed up after Trump spoke through a video a conference in Kiev, according to the Times’ report.

Scott Dworkin found the video below, when you can see Trump admitting to the meeting in Trump Tower:

Robert Mueller handed down a subpoena to the Trump Organization last month seeking documents as part of his ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The subpoena reportedly involved documents related to Russia and other areas of interest.

The report that Robert Mueller is now looking into a donation by Pinchuk come just days after Mueller questioned numerous Russian oligarchs over whether they illegally sent cash donations to Trump’s campaign.

As if things needed to get worse for Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, the $150,000 donation from Pinchuk was allegedly solicited by Michael Cohen, who had his offices raided by the FBI yesterday.

Of course, the raid was derided as a “witch hunt” and an “attack on the American people” by Trump, despite the fact that to even have the raid, a prosecutor had to convince a federal judge that there was something worth pursuing. But facts like that mean little to a President so estranged from reality and the truth.

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