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Trump Pals ‘WikiLeaks’ Slams Trump For Spreading Fake News in Response to His Awards

Wikileaks has had an up and down relationship with popular vote loser Donald Trump, his campaign and his presidency, but now it seems they’ve had enough of his non-stop lying.

There was a point in time that Trump seemed to be a fan of WikiLeaks, particularly when things were getting leaked that were damaging to Hillary Clinton during the campaign. The argument from Trump was that it didn’t matter that the things getting hacked and leaked were illegal, Trump played on the talking point of ‘but the information is still true’, but I digress.

Trump announced his Fake News awards a few days ago…

In the wake of Trump taking his baseless attacks on the news media to new childish and ridiculous lows with his FAKE NEWS Awards, Wikileaks took exception:

“Comment: While , as a primary source organization with a perfect verification record welcomes debate over “fake news” it should be noted that along with the U.S. establishment press, the Trump administration is a frequent source of false information.

Most excellent.

I’m glad Wikileaks has come to this revelation, but I hope they don’t think they came up with this idea. Many of us have been saying Trump is FAKE NEWS for well over a year now.

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