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Trump Panics: Launches Desperate Effort to Keep Top Insiders From Flipping, Some Say It’s a Bribe

Last week we all watched as Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus began cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump saw it too and now he’s making a last ditch effort to prevent that from happening with anyone else in his circle.

It’s probably too little too late, but it shows just how nervous he must be with the investigation moving forward more every day.

According to Axios, Trump has now told his friends that he will pay $430,000 to help with anyone’s legal fees from the Russia investigation. That’s not even close to enough when you consider just how many members of Trump’s team will end up having to pay for attorneys by the end of this thing.

The Republican National Committee has paid roughly $430,000 to lawyers representing the president and his eldest son, Don Jr. A White House official told me Trump will not be reimbursing the RNC for these costs. However, the White House official says he has pledged to spend the same amount, from his personal finances, “to defray the costs of legal fees for his associates, including former and current White House aides.”

This move by Trump really must be aimed at a select number of key people in hopes they won’t flip as Mueller moves in, which can easily be seen as yet another form of obstruction of justice, something Trump is getting really good at as of late.

The report also said Trump will not pay any legal bills for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Flynn is considered a prime witness and he’s facing serious charges that could send him to prison for a long time, if convicted. If Trump knows Flynn has already cooperated and flipped on Trump, he’s definitely not going to be paying for his legal fees.

Trump’s own legal fees continue to build and are being paid for by the Republican National Committee, which has received the money from a Kremlin oligarch. Trump is also using his fake 2020 reelection donations to pay his son’s legal fees.

Is it just me, or does it appear Trump is trying to buy off everyone he can with whatever money he can get his hands on?

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