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Trump Receives Dire Warning From Dem Leader of Impeachment Committee

The dust from the ridiculous Devin Nunes memo stunt is starting to settle and now Trump is trying to find a way to prevent the Democrats from firing back. The reality is the Democrats’ rebuttal memo will make a much bigger splash than Nunes’ and Trump knows it.

The Dems memo will find its way into the public eye, its only a matter of time. Now the Dems can focus all of their energy on preparing for the inevitable impeachment proceedings.

Jerry Nadler is the Democratic leader of the House Judiciary Committee, so he will ultimately take the position of Chairman to the Committee when the Dems take back the majority after elections. If his twitter is any indication, he’s fed up with Trump and his people.

Rep. Nadler “I read Nunes memo, Dem response, and source material-in my view: the Schiff memo lays out an accurate description of the government’s case against Carter Page, the Nunes memo deliberately distorts the record for partisan purposes. Trump cannot hide from the facts forever.”

Nadler will most likely be the one who initiates impeachment proceedings when the Dems take back the majority in November, and it certainly looks like there’s a very high likelihood of that happening given the way other elections are going recently. There’s a blue wave coming.

Nunes has committed obstruction of justice with this dishonest mess of a memo he wrote and Trump signed off on it’s release, making him criminally responsible. You can rest assured Rep. Nadler won’t forget that when impeachment time rolls around.

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