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Trump-Russia Player Mysteriously Vanishes as Robert Mueller Gets Closer

When a family with a shady past takes over an entire government and law enforcement officials get closer and closer to nailing them for their crimes, you can expect people to disappear from the public eye. Usually, though, an associate doesn’t disappear within hours of a journalist asking some very basic questions about their involvement with the family in question.

Oh, in case you hadn’t caught on, the shady family in question here is the Trumps.

Christina Wilkie covers the White House for CNBC and had this to say about a very strange disappearance of someone connected to Donald Trump:

“On April 11, I called Trump’s favorite architect to ask about jobs he did in Eastern Europe that recently drew Mueller’s eye. Within hours, John Fotiadis closed down his 10 yr old architecture firm, deleted his portfolio and left Twitter. He’s still MIA.”

Robert Mueller is in the process of tearing through Donald Trump’s foreign business ties in his investigation, but there one former associate of Trump’s that has remained in the shadows despite being a key player in Trump’s real estate deal activity in former Soviet lands.

Wilkie reports:

Architect John Fotiadis designed some of Trump’s most ambitious luxury developments there. A master of glass-encased towers and monumental entrances — hallmarks of Trump’s properties — the New York architect supplied vision and technical expertise that complemented Trump’s salesmanship and attorney-fixer Michael Cohen’s brass-tacks negotiating.

Fotiadis’ work offers a window into Trump’s dealings in the complex, opaque world of Eurasian real estate. Today, several of these projects are reportedly under scrutiny by the special counsel, who is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election and any means by which Moscow might have exerted influence over Trump or his campaign, including through his business deals.

There isn’t any solid evidence yet that Fotiadis has done anything wrong or illegal, or that Robert Mueller is investigating him. But isn’t it just a little fishy that he shut down his entire firm and disappeared from the public eye hours after a reporter started digging around?

CNBC received a tip that Fotiadis had worked with Trump on numerous projects in Eurasia. Curious about the relationship with Trump, CNBC reached out to Fotiadis on April 11 for comment about this work.

“Fotiadis did not respond to a call or an email. But eight hours later, he announced on Twitter that he was closing his firm, John Fotiadis Architect, or JFA, after 10 years in business. A few days later, Fotiadis closed the Twitter account he had used to announce he was closing down his firm.”

Maybe he just had the good sense to know that associating with Trump on any level could be incriminating and he just got out of dodge as fast as he could. Hard to blame him.

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