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Trump says he’s not worried about Mueller, because key witness won’t “flip” on him

Donald Trump has reportedly made a stunning revelation to friends and aides, which has been reported by NBC News, but went highly unnoticed by most at the time.

The list of all the former Trump staffers, associates, and cabinet members that know too much  – who might have reasons to tell congressional investigators or Special Counsel Robert Mueller all  about the acts they witnessed – continues to grow, which clearly has Trump extremely nervous.

And at the top of that list? Former advisor Paul Manafort.

NBC News reports:

Donald Trump is telling friends and aides in private that things are going great — for him.

Some reasons: He’s decided that a key witness in the Russia probe, Paul Manafort, isn’t going to “flip” and sell him out, friends and aides say.

Did you catch that? Saying the word “flip” means there is something incriminating to hide.

Seth Abramson explains, Trump now believes that Manafort could incriminate him, which is a rather odd belief to have if there is nothing be incriminated for, as Trump has proclaimed hundreds of times at this point.

Abramson goes on to say:

“Per NBC, Trump did *not* say he fears Manafort will “make something up about him,” and he did *not* say he fears Manafort will “pin something on him”—he said he fears Mueller will “flip” Manafort to charge him (Trump). That only makes sense if Manafort can *incriminate* him.

Moreover, given when Manafort was fired—and given when Trump says he stopped speaking to him—there’s no reason at all to think Manafort can incriminate Trump on Obstruction. So Trump’s fear that Manafort will “flip” on him has to do with a Conspiracy charge relating to Russia.”

So, Trump clearly isn’t worried about Manafort’s testimony being part of obstruction charges, but rather, he’s worried about something going back to the original Russian business.  Does this mean collusion should be back in the news soon?

Collusion. Obstruction. Take your pick. This doesn’t look like it’s going to end well.

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