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Trump Slips with a Public Admission While Melting Down Over Michael Cohen

In the courtroom on Thursday morning, Michael Cohen openly admitted that he and Trump were in fact working together to make Trump Tower Moscow a real possibility during the 2016 general election.

Per a New York Times report, “Mr. Trump’s associates pursued the project as the Kremlin was escalating its election sabotage effort meant to help him win the presidency.”

“Mr. Trump’s participation in discussions about building a grand skyscraper in Moscow showed how the interests of his business empire were enmeshed with his political ambitions as he was closing in on the Republican nomination for president,” the report continued.

In other words, Trump was lying to us all along, according to Cohen, and now, he has finally been called out for it. And what did he decide to do in response? Flip the script, of course.

While on the White House lawn, he tried to suggest in one breath that his exclusive focus was on the election and nothing else. However, he immediately proceeded to claim that just because he was running for president, it “doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to do business.”

Also, interestingly enough, he went out of his way to call Cohen a “weak person” and “not a very smart person” in retaliation. He even went so far as to insist that Cohen is lying in his new guilty plea.

Then, when one reporter challenged Trump on why he would have put Cohen in charge of his business interests for so many years if he truly believed Cohen was such a weak and stupid person, Trump suggested that “a long time ago he did me a favor.”

While the White House lawn video footage is just short of ten minutes, it takes little-to-no time at all to see that it consisted of nothing more than personal attacks on Michael Cohen. And as is often the case, in the end, it just appeared to be another one of his childish temper tantrums in which he inadvertently made a confession while attempting to do the exact opposite.


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