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Trump Suffers Yet Another Major Resignation as White House Continues to Crumble

Considering the number and frequency of senior advisers and officials who have already resigned or been fired from the White House during Donald Trump’s brief tenure as president, it’s been difficult to keep track of it all. And from the looks of it, that will continue to be the case, as the latest news indicates yet another top official is stepping down.

CNN is reports that Nadia Schadlow, who was the deputy national security adviser for strategy, has resigned and will be leaving her position at the end of April.

Schadlow marks the third senior national security official to leave the Trump administration, and this time around it likely due to the fact that the new national security adviser John Bolton is entering the White House and will be bringing his own people.

When you consider the fact that John Bolton is Donald Trump’s third National Security Adviser in less than fifteen months, sure, it’s fair to assume Schadlow’s resignation could be written off as a new officials taking over and cleaning house.

But when you look a little deeper beneath the surface, you are reminded of the never ending instability with the White House. Trump’s first National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, has pleaded guilty on felony charges and agreed to testify against him in the Russia scandal. And to a certain extent, his second National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, was fired because he dared to publicly criticize Russia. As a result, Trump has since hired Bolton at the exact same time his campaign’s data firm Cambridge Analytica was exposed for its role in rigging elections. Conveniently enough, Bolton’s Super PAC was a major client of Cambridge Analytica.

Now, some may speculate and suggest that Schadlow’s departure shouldn’t just automatically be counted as a sign of further instability in Trump’s White House, because it appears to be more of a direct result of the arrival of new National Security Adviser John Bolton. But I don’t buy it. This move wreaks of nothing more than instability to me, regardless of how loud Trump screams on Twitter and claims otherwise.

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