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Trump Tape Surfaces of Personal Conversation with Russian During Election

There’s no doubt that popular vote loser Donald Trump and/or his associates colluded with Russia. It’s only a matter of time before Special Counsel Robert Mueller gets to the kingpin behind all this “fake news” about his ties to Russia.

Just to name one instance, we all now know that about the infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians, which was an attempt to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton under the guise of being about adoptions, and that’s just one example…Robert Mueller knows far more than the public.

We now have more evidence that points to the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting being about far more than adoption, as a tape recording has emerged featuring Trump talking about ending sanctions with Russia just weeks after launching his campaign.

Maria Butina — an apprentice of Russian banking tycoon and a friend of Putin’s, Alexander Torshin —  is shown asking Trump directly about Russian sanctions.

Just as you’d expect, Trump says “I know Putin, and I’ll tell you what, we get along with Putin… I believe I would get along very nicely with Putin, OK? And I mean, where we have the strength. I don’t think you’d need the sanctions.”

During Trump’s campaign, he said countless times that he doesn’t know Putin, yet in this video he says “I know Putin” and that he’d actually get along with him “very nicely”.

Apparently. Trump thinks his tweets and videos floating around are somehow simply forgotten about.

It’s all coming to an end. We still need to be a little patient as Robert Mueller methodically gathers all the information he needs, but the signs are more and more pointing to a presidency ending in disgrace. Just like it started.

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