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Trump Tips His Hand, Reveals He’s Terrified of Impeachment

Things aren’t going well for popular vote loser Donald Trump at the moment. He’s dealing with corruption allegations, an administration that sees a major departure seemingly every week, and he now has a porn star payoff problem too.

The mounting pressure seems to have Trump unraveling and at the very least, finally concerned about the prospect that he could likely face impeachment.

How do we know? Because Trump is now recruiting an impeachment lawyer, to multiple reports.

Ty Cobb has been Trump’s acting lawyer throughout the investigation, but it has now been made clear that Ty Cobb was only a temporary solution to a problem that’s growing bigger by the week.

Many Republicans in Washington fear that Trump could face impeachment proceedings next year if Democrats retake the House in November.

Apparently, Trump has the exact same fear in mind, based on a New York Times report saying that Trump met last week with veteran attorney Emmet T. Flood, who represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial in 1998.

Numerous sources have confirmed that an interview took place in the Oval Office, where a discussion was had about Emmet T. Flood joining Trump’s legal team to help deal with Robert Mueller’s probe. If Flood agreed, he would have a “a day-to-day role helping the president navigate his dealings with the Justice Department.”

According to two sources, the meeting between Trump and Flood doesn’t mean any developments have occurred that suggest impeachment is close, but it does underscore Trump’s realization that this won’t be going away anytime soon, which is surprising because Trump’s attorneys have assured him numerous times that Mueller’s probe would wrap up by Thanksgiving….which turned into Christmas…which turned into 2018.

Fact is, the Russia investigation is gaining momentum and won’t be over anytime soon.

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