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Trump Tried to Silence Key Scandal Witness, Then McCain Stopped Him in His Tracks

Trump is trying his best to shut down future witnesses by making an example out of the key witness in the Trump-Russia scandal, Bill Browder. As quickly as Trump put this innocent man in danger, John McCain did what he needed to in order to protect the witness.

Trump and Putin ganged up on Browder after his testimony before Congress concerning the fact that Trump Jr. and Russia were in fact colluding during the election. Putin put out an international arrest warrant, while Trump revoked Browder’s visa from the United States.

Browder tweeted about it and John McCain partnered up with Senator Ben Cardin to release a statement demanding that the Department of Homeland Security work to fix his visa:

“We understand that William Browder’s U.S. visa has been revoked due his inclusion on the Interpol list. According to Browder, the Russian government has submitted his name for inclusion on the Interpol list on several occasions in the past, yet it was rejected as politically motivated. And through these episodes, his U.S. visa status has been immediately reinstated. The Department of Homeland Security should expedite an immediate review of the decision to revoke Mr. Browder’s visa.

“Sergei Magnitsky was a young Russian lawyer who worked for Bill Browder and helped to uncover a massive corruption scheme in Russia. He was targeted by the authorities and died while in custody. His unfortunate demise led to our work on the Magnitsky Act, which bars Russian figures who are connected to the Magnitsky case or are complicit in gross violations of human rights from entering the United States. The measure also authorized the freezing of their assets.

“William Browder is strong advocate for anti-corruption efforts around the world and we relied on his expertise and support as we led the effort to pass the Magnitsky Act. Mr. Browder’s work has helped to remove corrupt actors from our financial system and enhance accountability measures with respect to the U.S. relationship with the Russian Federation – it would be unfortunate if the U.S. decided to bar him based on a decision by those same Russian officials who have been targeted by this important legislation.”

Three hours later the DHS reversed their decision and allowed Browder access back to the country.

It’s also important to note that John McCain and Ben Cardin worked together to expose Trump’s refusal to implement the Russian sanctions.

McCain is clearly on the path to destroy Trump one move at a time and now he has some powerful friends joining him.

Who will be next to jump on the McCain train and start standing up to the corruption? We can’t wait to find out.

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