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Trump Wakes Up at 4:52am…Panicked, Screaming “Witch Hunt!”

Throughout Robert Mueller’s entire investigation, Trump has been all over the place with his side of the story. When Michael Cohen admitted in court that he and Trump plotted to build Trump Tower Moscow during the 2016 presidential election, it was clear that this was going to be another lie that Trump would be caught in. However, Trump is trying to insist that he told Mueller the same thing in his written answers that were turned in earlier this week.

Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s lawyers, told the New York Times that Donald Trump told Robert Mueller all about the Trump Tower Moscow deal. Why would he do that? Cohen lied to Congress about it earlier this year, so why would Trump assume that now he would rat him out? What would make Trump tell the truth in this exact moment?

Cohen’s plea deal is dependent on him telling the truth. If he lies, he knows he will end up like Paul Manafort or George Papadopoulos. If Trump told the truth about the deal and Cohen had lied, then Trump would have confessed for nothing. This does not align with Trump’s previous train of thought.

Odds are high that Trump lied. With Mueller confirming the Trump Tower Moscow deal in court, he can now nail Trump for lying about it in his answers. However, if Trump knew Cohen would tell the truth so he did as well, Mueller could be going after someone else, perhaps Trump Jr? He’s also lied about everything up until now. Regardless, we will be shocked if Trump told the truth and we will not be shocked when things end up very badly from Trump from Robert Mueller.

Trump is melting down as we speak…


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