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Trump’s Attacks Backfire: FBI Director Inserts Mueller Witness in the FBI

Trump knew that if he went after Andrew McCabe long enough and hard enough that he would eventually get what he wanted and McCabe would step down, which is exactly what happened.

The ironic part to the attacks from Trump is that McCabe literally posed no threat whatsoever to him in the Russia investigation, but Trump wanted him gone. In Trump’s conspiracy theorist mind, McCabe was some type of corrupt Pro-Clinton operative working inside the FBI against him (more on that another time), so Trump made sure he was ousted.

Trump may feel good about this “win”, but McCabe had zero part in the Russian investigation and his absence means nothing as the investigation moves forward. Trump simply paved the way for a better, more powerful candidate to take the position, which could be detrimental to Trump.

McCabe was a good career agent, but retirement was always in his near future. He was no threat to Trump whatsoever, but Trump blew it because he’s so insanely paranoid. Trump’s numerous attacks on McCabe has just backfired.

We now know that Trump tried to get McCabe fired, but FBI Director Christopher Wray refused. However, Trump was at least successful getting Wray to get rid of FBI General Counsel James Baker. What Wray did next was a move of defiance.

Wray just hired U.S. Attorney Dana Boente as the FBI’s new General Counsel. The mainstream media seems to think Boente is a friend of Trump’s, but in reality he’s one of the biggest players in the Flynn prosecution in the Eastern Virginia District, which led to Flynn’s plea deal with Mueller. Trump (well, technically Jeff Sessions) forced Boente to resign, which was seen as highly suspicious by many, but now he’s back and there’s nothing Trump can do about it.

Coons, a Democrat from Delaware, questioned the role Trump played in Boente’s leaving in a letter in 2017 saying he wanted a hearing “to examine potential presidential interference with U.S. attorneys’ offices.” He added, “My request is based on a series of events that leave me concerned that President Trump does not respect the important boundaries between politics and the prosecutorial decisions of U.S. attorneys within the Department of Justice.”

Coons said he found Boente’s departure particularly troubling since it came just before Mueller’s team announced charges. “President Trump’s reported demand for his resignation, the sudden nature of its timing, its proximity to the indictments issued by special counsel Mueller and reported connections between the U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Virginia and the investigations of Paul Manafort and [former National Security Adviser] Michael Flynn, leave me concerned that this resignation was not business as usual,” he wrote. “I cannot take on faith that this dismissal was normal or justified.”

Here’s another little fun fact about Dana Boente. When James Comey said, under oath, that Trump told him: “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go”. Dana Boente was the guy that Comey reported this conversation to.

Needless to say, Trump is no fan of Dana Boente, which makes the fact that Christopher Wray just hired him all the more poetic.

But wait, there’s more…

Christopher Wray just replaced Andrew McCabe with a man named David Bowdich, but here’s the funny part: Bowditch is a potential witness for Robert Mueller in the obstruction of justice case against Trump for the firing of James Comey.

Newsweek reports, “In testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last June, Comey said he had spoken to senior colleagues including Bowdich about President Donald Trump’s allegedly asking Comey to have the FBI back off its probe into Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser.”

“Because of that apparent conversation, and because he was the No. 3 official under Comey, Bowdich is a potential witness into whether Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey.”

So, clearly Trump’s attacks on McCabe that eventually lead to him stepping down has backfired, big time.

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