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Trump’s Biggest Campaign Promise Just Got Exposed as a BIG LIE!

One of the things that Donald Trump has campaigned on heaviest, is the promise to “put America back to work” by bringing back manufacturing jobs.  The problem with this is that a president has very little control over what it would take to make such a promise come true.

America has lost around 5,000,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000, but despite any politicians’ claims, there is little they can do to bring these jobs back.  Trump as president would have no authority whatsoever to tell companies who and how many they can hire.

Trump went on to suggest he would impose major taxes on goods imported from other countries that could be made here, making American manufacturing more important, but as the NPR piece explains, “The common perception is that manufacturing jobs have disappeared because they’ve been sent to low-wage countries in Asia and Latin America. The truth is that a lot of work has been lost to automation.  U.S. manufacturers have become a lot more productive and simply don’t need as many workers as they once did’, Bown says.  ‘It’s a lot more robots and computer equipment and many, many fewer people, so what you see is, there still is, even today, a lot of manufacturing activity in the United States. It’s just done with many, many fewer workers.'”

The article also explains that Trump’s plan would likely devastate global and national economies by instigating retaliation from our trade partners and destroying other industries such as farming.

Again, Trump’s woeful lack of knowledge about both foreign and domestic policy is staggering.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop thousands from cheering loudly every time he repeats his empty promise of bringing back these jobs.

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