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Trump’s DEEP Ties To Putin Just Got Blown WIDE OPEN…Ivanka Proved It!

Call it bad timing, but Ivanka Trump has been spotted sight-seeing in Croatia with non other than the girlfriend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s eldest daughter has been posting pictures to her Instagram account showing her all over Croatia with Wendi Deng Murdoch, ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch and current girlfriend of the Russian Prez.

From RawStory:

People magazine cites a longtime friendship with Murdoch, who fixed Trump up with now-husband Jared Kushner.  The timing for the vacation isn’t exactly beneficial to Trump’s father, who has earned criticism for complicated comments about Russia, where he admitted he lied about meeting Putin, though he still fawned all over him, tried and failed to sell Trump vodka in Russia, has financial ties to Russia, which the Clinton campaign says might be a reason he won’t release his tax returns. If that isn’t enough, Trump earned criticism for asking Russia to hack Clinton, then tried to claim he was “being sarcastic,” all while revelations are coming out about Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort and denying his campaign has anything to do with the Russian hackers who pulled a Watergate at the DNC and DCCC.

Bad timing, indeed. There is no way that Trump’s daughter paling around with Putin’s girlfriend could be beneficial to Trump’s failing campaign at this point.  It only reinforces the likelihood that the Trump campaign has indeed not been truthful about its relationship to Russia.

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