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Trump’s Desperately Trying to Create a Distraction From a Bombshell, Now We Know Why

Trump was overly desperate this week to distract Americans from the huge bombshell he thought was coming. He picked a fight with Jeff Sessions, met with Kim Kardashain in the Oval Office and basically did everything he could think of to keep the focus on him. This was his most blatant attempt at distraction to date, but the bombshell was delayed, so now he’s really about to go off the ledge.

He’s also announced that he’s pardoning Dinesh D’Souza. This is a man who has spent years spreading lies about President Obama and Hillary Clinton for a living, and he also made illegal campaign contributions. Trump is trying to stir up his supporters with this move, but he didn’t stop there.

Trump’s trying to play both sides of the aisle, or at least make it look like he is, so he’s also saying he  might pardon Martha Stewart and former Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich.

We can expect Trump’s Twitter to ramp up over the coming days and he’s kicking off this wild rampage with a bang. He’s trying to pick a fight with Disney CEO Bob Igor for ABC’s cancelation of Roseanne. When that didn’t work, he started randomly tweeting gibberish like “FAIR TRADE!”.

Trump is about one step away from doing magic tricks on the White House lawn to keep people focused on him and way from what’s lighting up the headlines in the media.

So, what exactly was it that Trump was panicking about?

Simple…it has officially been confirmed that Michael Cohen does in fact have tapes of his conversations with Trump. He’s been keeping them under lock and key, but we know it’s only a matter of time before they are out in the open.

Cohen’s attorney admitted in civil court that the tapes do in fact exist, so we won’t be surprised if the judge orders that they be overturned to Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ attorney.

Things are falling apart and Trump is going to do everything he can to keep our attention off these latest developments.

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