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Trump’s Effort to Discredit, Smear, and Tear Down the FBI Backfires in His Face

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is definitely scared of American intelligence agencies. His recent attacks on them, especially the FBI, reveal a man terrified of being ousted for things that have yet to be named publicly, and he figures one of the ways he can hold onto the Presidency is by tearing down the Bureau.

Trump thinks he’s accomplishing his goal of destroying the FBI’s reputation by drumming up one phony conspiracy theory after another. In his mind, he’s setting the stage for once the FBI exposes the crimes, he can then convince his loyal followers to ignore it and call it “fake news” at every turn.

However, Trump’s attacks on the FBI has backfired. It has caused mainstream Americans to defend the FBI and push back against Donald Trump. How can we tell?? Easy…there are now so many people donating to the FBI Agents Association, its website crashed.

Benjamin Wittes is a legal expert who posted the following to Twitter:

“The President is impugning the integrity of the FBI by attacking two honorable public servants: Jim Baker and Andy McCabe. I just donated $1,000 to the in their names. I urge others to give as well and tweet that you did so to  ”

Former CIA Director John Brennan responded by saying:“Andy McCabe & Jim Baker epitomize integrity, competence, and respect for rule of law. Not surprised @realDonaldTrump fears them, along with the rest of FBI. I just donated to FBI Agents Association as a small way of saying Thanks FBI.”

The response from the public throughout the day was so large that the FBIAA website was unable to load at various points throughout the day.

In short, Donald Trump’s effort to discredit, smear, and tear down the FBI has blown up in his face. The American public has clearly chosen the side of the FBI.

Supporting the FBIAA is a great way to not only support the men and women who serve our country by doing the dangerous work of the FBI, but also a great way to resist and stick it to the greatest threat to American democracy in many decades, namely, our President, Donald Trump.

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