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Trump’s FBI Attacks Backfire in His Face, Hit with a Lawsuit Because of It

Popular vote loser Donald Trump and his administration are certainly no strangers to lawsuits and lying.  And now, some fun new legal action against them combines both of those.

A new Freedom of Information lawsuit against the Trump administration seeks to go after Trump for his attacks on and lies against the FBI:

Benjamin Wittes, editor for the Lawfare blog, filed the suit using FOIA laws to obtain the FBI’s “climate” report, and concluded the following:

“The FBI faced many challenges over the past year, following President Trump’s decision to fire Director Comey.

The President and his allies have accused specific FBI personnel of skewing investigative results, abusing surveillance authorities, and engaging in a vendetta against the President [and] also have repeatedly attacked the integrity of the FBI and its agents on Twitter.

Plaintiffs seek to understand and explain to the public how these actions affect FBI morale. Despite the Bureau’s prior willingness to publicly release the results of the climate surveys, the Bureau has not released the most recent results.”

Trump’s attacks on law enforcement have been proven baseless time and time again. They’re nothing more than self-serving and desperate attempts to cover his actions and try to discredit his “enemies.”

And Trump’s “enemies,” yeah, that’s the American people.

You can read the entire lawsuit here:

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