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Trumps Just Let America Know They Will Never Live Up to The Obamas’ Legacy

Melania Trump shared her “Be Best” campaign this week and she couldn’t have done a worse job. People have mocked everything from the name to the hypocrisy of her call to end bullying while her husband continues to attack people on Twitter on a daily basis. Unfortunately for Melania, that’s not the worst part of the launch.

Remember when Melania plagiarized her Republican National Convention speech from an old Michelle Obama speech? The Trump camp blamed Meredith McIver for that, so expect McIver to resurface again, as Melania just got busted again.

This time around, the similarities aren’t just in the title (Michelle’s program was called “Be Better”), the foundation of the program is even similar. It’s clear that the “Be Best” campaign stole material from old pamphlets the White House had created for the Obamas in 2014. Trump’s camp was already overly confident with their comments that Melania wrote it all herself. This raised red flags and now Buzzfeed has caught her in another act of plagiarizing.

Top section below is from 2014…Bottom section is from 2018:

This administration is so incompetent they can’t even formulate one campaign without using work done previously by the Obamas. We can’t make this up people. Trump has so many scandals that Melania plagiarizing is the least of his worries. The mainstream media won’t focus on this for more than three minutes and once again everyone will just turn the other way. No one in the White House is cut out for their current positions, no one.

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