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Trump’s Miraculous Wins in Swing States Just Got Even More Suspicious

Moments after the results of the 2016 election came in, Americans began trying to figure out how this actually happened. The results made zero sense. It was simply not possible for Trump to have won and it was definitely impossible the way that it happened. Trump’s victory in four swing states decided the election. The margin of votes confused everyone from the beginning, but now it appears we may have some answers.

Trump’s wins in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida were all by about one percent. Statistically, Trump shouldn’t have won them all by the same percentage. Maybe one by 3 percent, another by .3 percent and on and on. Numbers don’t typically come out so uniform, especially in an election like this.

The Senate Intel Committee released a bipartisan report this week which confirmed that Russian hackers penetrated voter registration data in key states, and were in position to alter or delete voter registration data

A report was released this week by the Senate Intel Committee that confirmed Russian hackers accessed voter registration data in key states, and were in position to alter or delete voter registration data.

Palmer Report breaks it down even further:

This meant the Russian hackers couldn’t have known exactly what the voting results were going to be when they broke in and began disqualifying voters in advance. They surely had access to the internal polling that the Republican National Committee was doing for the Donald Trump campaign. These kinds of internal polls are based on far more detailed knowledge about voters to begin with, and therefore tend to be far more precise than publicly available polling. But even with that knowledge, the hackers would have needed to give themselves a small margin of error, just in case those polls were slightly off.

So the hackers couldn’t have deleted registrations and won the election. They had to have a buffer to help them balance out the potential for actual votes beyond their expectations. Thus the one percent margin. The fact that it is so uniform raises all kinds of red flags. Did the hackers make sure that Trump would win by one percent based on the polling data they had? It’s highly possible.

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