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Trump’s New Attorney Hire Already Backfired, Ty Cobb Just Because a Potential Mueller Witness

When Ty Cobb announced he was leaving the legal team of Donald Trump, it was immediately followed by an announcement that Emmet Flood would be his replacement. Flood is widely respected, but naturally Trump destroyed his reputation in less than a day.

Cobb was never really Trump’s attorney. He was employed by the White House, so technically he didn’t work “for Trump” so that undermines the client-attorney privilege altogether. Anything Trump may have told Cobb can now be questioned by Robert Mueller, which is a virtual certainty to happen. Put another way, Mueller can legally force Cobb to reveal things Trump may have said to him pertaining to the Trump-Russia investigation.

Cobb’s paycheck may have been keeping him loyal during his short time with Trump, but his resignation suggests he doesn’t really care about his loyalty to Trump after all. Naturally, Trump lashed out on Twitter right on cue.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced yesterday that Flood would also be on the White House payroll. So once again, there will be no client-attorney privilege between Trump and Flood, as he is not Trump’s attorney. He’s the White House’s. Trump just continues to make the same stupid mistakes, over and over again.

Trump is clearly not able to realize his constant mistakes or listen to anyone who may be trying to help him out. That’s how narcissism works…you think you’re smarter than everyone else and no one is going to get you to see things another way, even when it’s for your own good. Regardless, Trump is sadly mistaken if he thinks anyone will remain loyal to him with Mueller closing in on those involved in the scandal.

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