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Trump’s Resignation is Spiraling Out of Control…and The White House Can’t Stop It

The FBI raided the home Trump’s longtime attorney Michael Cohen about a month ago, which has only served as a catalyst for Trump presidency to spiral faster out of control.

The raid allowed the feds to get their hands on even more evidence that, based on Trump’s Twitter meltdown about it, makes Trump very nervous. Just after Cohen was raided, reporter April Ryan posed the question to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders yesterday about whether or not Trump is considering “stepping down”. Sanders said emphatically “no” and called the question “absolutely ridiculous”.

The answer Sander gave doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the White House Press Secretary is now being forced to answer questions about Trump resigning. Major news outlets across the country are now drawing attention to the fact that it was asked and answered.

No one else pressed the issue that day to Sanders or asked the question, but it’s been a constant point of speculation for the last several months, with more headlines asking and speculating about Trump’s exit from the White House.

Even Fox News is Talking About it…

Believe it or not, Fox News was even forced to talk about it. Of course, the angle they took was to slam April Ryan for asking the question, but again, the answer Sanders gave or the commentary from Fox News doesn’t matter here.

The damage has been done, as there are now millions of Fox News viewers (aka, Trump supporters) across America sitting at home thinking about the possibility of Trump resigning. Of course, the answer in their own mind is “oh boy, I hope not”, but it’s now a topic in the news cycle.

The very fact that this question was asked gives more fuel to the Trump resistance fire across America, which will result in Trump’s defenders to push back even harder. Plus it causes those on the fence about Trump to begin with to question him even further, wondering if Trump’s presidency will end up being defined by a resignation over a scandal.

So, millions of people across the country are now talking about Trump resigning in some fashion, either for it or against it, but the fact remains: As Bill Palmer puts it, “The topic of Trump’s resignation is now officially on the table”

The very fact that reporters are asking questions and writing about the topic means that Trump’s presidency is being defined by the prospect of resignation. The questions and topics pushed by the media become what presidencies are known for. It’s very telling that Trump’s resignation is becoming a common question by the public and the press.

Stormy Daniels appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend with Alec Baldwin playing Trump even brought up the topic. He asked what she wanted from him and her response was simple, “resignation”. When Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti was interviewed by The Guardian a few days ago, he suggested that Trump will end up having to resign.

Of course, it’s expected that Trump’s opponents are saying these things, but nevertheless the question is being asked and it’s framing Trump’s presidency. The more question is asked or discussed, the more pressure Trump and his team are going to receive to answer the question.


The defining concern during Trump’s time in the White House is how and when will it be over. That’s a pretty damning cloud to hang over an administration. This is worth paying attention to as it continues to gain momentum. If he doesn’t resign, we know impeachment proceedings are extremely likely when the Democrats win back the majority in the fall. Either way, Trump’s future doesn’t look bright.

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