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Trump’s Rosenstein Loyalty Pledge Isn’t The Big Story…It’s Who Leaked It

On Wednesday, it was revealed that back in December, Trump suggested he wanted a personal loyalty pledge from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, according to a new report from CNN’s Pamela Brown, Evan Perez and Laura Jarrett.

Specifically, Trump asked Rosenstein whether he was on his “team”. It’s not suspicious at all that Trump would ask the one person who can fire Robert Mueller for loyalty, right?

Considering Trump demanded the same from former FBI Director James Comey, this news certainly isn’t ground-breaking, but it is noteworthy because Rosenstein didn’t succumb, and yet he still has his job. Chalk it up to Trump attempting another act of obstruction of justice that didn’t benefit him at all, but it will help further incriminate him.

The real story here is why we’re just now hearing about this.

Given Rosenstein’s track record of professionalism, it’s safe to assume he, like Comey, took detailed notes about it on the off-chance he ever needed them as evidence.  He played it by the book. Similarly, it’s equally as safe to assume he may have informed a few people within the DOJ or FBI about it as well, just as Comey did.

Considering Rosenstein is in charge of the ongoing investigation, would he be the one who is now leaking this information to the media? Probably not, which may substantiate the aforementioned assumption: Someone with knowledge within the DOJ or FBI is responsible for the leak.

The CNN report says they know this information “according to sources familiar with the meeting”. They could only be familiar with the meeting if Rosenstein told someone about it, who has now leaked it to CNN.

What does this mean, exactly?  It means we may have finally reached a point in the investigation where the upper tiers of the FBI have had enough of Donald Trump, and in an unusual and borderline inappropriate fashion, are now strategically leaking dirt to expose the president.

Considering the circumstances, though, perhaps an unusual approach is most appropriate, as it seems Trump is out to dismantle the FBI before it concludes its investigation.

From the outside looking in, it appears this leak – and perhaps more leaks to come – could mean war.

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