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Trump’s Russia Dossier Takes Interesting Turn After Stormy Daniels Corroborates Details

Trump allegedly has a long history of lengthy issues with women and it seems like we learn more about those tangled webs with each passing day. Recently, it was exposed that Stormy Daniels, an adult film star, had an affair with Trump in 2006 and during the election he paid her $130,000 to keep it under wraps. Trump denies it, of course.

Now, there’s something very interesting about this story that helps corroborate part of the infamous Trump-Russia dossier’s assertion that Trump had Russian prostitutes in his room.

In 2016, when Daniels was allegedly paid off to remain in the shadows, she was being approached by several media outlets to tell her story, one of which was Slate. Now, Slate is revealing some of the things she told them before her lips got sealed.

Slate reports, “Daniels said she had some corroborating evidence, including the phone numbers of Trump’s longtime personal assistant Rhona Graff and his bodyguard Keith Schiller, with whom she said she would arrange rendezvous. While she did not share those numbers with me, I did speak to three of Daniels’ friends, all of whom said they knew about the affair at the time, and all of whom confirmed the outlines of her story.”

Daniels is confirming that Schiller is the one who arranged her sexual encounter as well. This ties Schiller directly to Trump’s illicit sexual activities and helps corroborates the Trump-Russia dossier claims about the Russian prostitutes.

This is significant because Schiller was the very same person who supposedly arranged to have the Russian prostitutes delivered to Trump’s hotel room, according to the Trump-Russia dossier.

Does it prove the dossier is true? Absolutely not, but what it does do is provide the same name of the person who allegedly setup both the Stormy Daniels affair, as well as the Russian sexual encounter listed in the dossier. It’s very odd that the same name from two separate stories was given as the person setting up Trump’s affairs.

Keith Schiller denies all allegations.

Trump is covered in scandals these days and this story isn’t getting the mainstream media’s attention it deserves. These details will continue to emerge though, and they won’t be able to ignore it for long.

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