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Trump’s Stormy Daniels Scandal Gets Worse, Criminal Complaint Now Filed

By now you’ve heard that popular vote loser Donald Trump had “alleged” affairs with multiple adult film actresses, including one with Stormy Daniels, right after Melania had given birth. Reports surfaced last week that Trump also had his lawyer pay off these actresses, including $130,000 to Daniels, for their silence, through his lawyer Michael Cohen.

But Trump’s latest scandal (one that would’ve sunk any other president almost immediately) looks like it has just gotten a whole lot worse. It appears that Trump may have violated campaign finance laws with the way that he paid Stormy Daniels her hush money.

A criminal complaint has now been filed against Trump by a group called Common Cause, which doesn’t look good for Trump, because this is how sex scandals begin to get extremely ugly for those involved.

The reason these scandals always turn out bad for the accused is that it doesn’t really matter if they are found guilty or not in court. The court of public opinion is what is very detrimental to politicians, which ends up costing them at the polls come election time.

The same thing happened to John Edwards years ago with the pay off of his mistress. Of course, he didn’t face any charges in the scandal, but the damage in the eyes of the public had already been done.

Now that Trump is facing criminal complaints with his porn star scandal, this isn’t going away anytime soon. It will remain in the news for quite sometime, which is never a good thing for those seeking election or reelection.

Bill Palmer points out something very interesting: “If you’re not sure whether the porn star scandal is all that bad for Donald Trump within the context of all his other scandals, consider this: Trump regularly pushes back on Twitter against nearly every scandal, accusation, or sleight hurled in his direction. Yet he fears the Stormy Daniels scandal so much, he’s afraid to risk making it a bigger story by disputing it. He’s pushed back against the Pee Pee Tape; he won’t push back against this. He fears the Daniels scandal most of all. The criminal nature of the payoff means the scandal is just getting started.”

Seriously, how is this man still the president?  How did we get to such a low point in American politics where this is the kind of story we’re talking about?  He is clearly unfit for office in every way possible, not the least of which is a long list of moral and ethical failings like this one.

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