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Trump’s Very Own Handpicked FBI Director Turns on Him with Defiant Threat

Popular vote loser Donald Trump only hires the best people, if you’ll recall his own words. The “best and brightest”, we’re his exact words, in fact.

So it’s gotta sting a little extra for Trump when one of his own appointees to the government stabs him in the back like his handpicked FBI Director Christopher Wray just did.

Trump hired Wray to lead the bureau after he fired James Comey from the position in hopes his handpicked, successor (Wray) would protect him from the Russia probe, but that plan has backfired, big time.

Somehow, Trump has convinced himself along the way that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is working against him in some type of clandestine operation to undermine his presidency. Trump has been working hard to force McCabe out, even attacking him publicly on Twitter in recent weeks.

Bill Palmer explains it this way: “When Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked Wray to help force McCabe out, Wray outright refused. He went even further, threatening to resign if they tried to pressure him into it, according to a new Axios report (link). In other words, Trump nominated Wray specifically to do his bidding, but Wray instead stabbed Trump in the back by siding with the law. Trump and Sessions concluded that it wasn’t worth having to go through the embarrassment and scandal of replacing yet another FBI Director, and so they backed off, leaving both Wray and McCabe on the job. That backing off is actually the real story here.”

Axios points out the obvious here:

Why it matters: Trump started his presidency by pressuring one FBI Director (before canning him), and then began pressuring another (this time wanting his deputy canned). This much meddling with the FBI for this long is not normal.

Trumps keeps choosing people for positions that he thinks will protects him and be loyal to him, no matter the cost, but he keeps choosing wrong, time and time again.

Is there any chance whatsoever that someone working so hard to cover something up and protect himself isn’t totally guilty of whatever they’re alleged to have done?

No. No there isn’t.

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