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Trump’s White House Gets Hit with Another Scandal, Ending in Resignation

Trump’s time in the White House has been full of resignations and firings, almost all of which had some scandalous nature. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC continues to make her board bigger just to hold the names of all those who have left thus far. The latest controversy may be the biggest of all and its level of scandal surpasses many of the others.

Donald Trump just had to withdraw his nomination of Dr. Ronny Jackson for the VA. Several allegations have surfaced regarding Jackson’s past actions including alleged drinking on the job, harassing a woman, and passing out prescription drugs without following proper procedure.

If these allegations are false, why would he see a need to withdraw his name?

It also gets more interesting that Jackson is also resigning from his position as the White House doctor, which leads us to believe there’s even more to these allegations.

This resignation goes against Trump’s claims that someone was just trying to fight his nominations with false allegations. It’s not like he just walked away from a promising step up, but rather Jackson just straight up quit his current job. The nomination was never going to happen, but it did serve as another example of how unstable the Trump administration is.

Trump said during his Michigan rally (the one he staged so he didn’t have to go to the White Correspondents’ Dinner where he knew he would get roasted), “I know things about [Jon] Tester that I could say, too. And if I said ‘em, he’d never be elected again”. Trump is furious that Tester published allegations about Ronny Jackson, Trump’s pick to lead the VA.

If that’s true, why is he blurting out that he basically has blackmail material on Tester? When you have things on someone, you aren’t supposed to talk about them publicly, but Trump can’t help it. It’s the way pathological narcissism works.

The list of White House officials who have had to resign or be fired in a controversial cloud of drama just continues to grow. It’s honestly to long for most people to keep track and we can assume its not going to stop.

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