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Trump’s White House Suffers Yet Another Major Resignation, With More Expected

The Trump White House has been crumbling more and more with each passing week. The turnover of his top personnel has been one of the biggest red flags for the state of the Trump administration, which doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon.

Trump has lost his Chief of Staff, National Security Adviser, Chief Strategist, Communications Directors, and several of his top advisers, plus news of more people exiting the White House surfaced just hours ago with at least one, but possibly two more resignations or firings expected.

Israel Hernandez, a senior adviser to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, left the administration yesterday. Was it related to the leak regarding Ross’s possible mental health decline pertaining to his falling asleep at meetings? Who knows for sure, but people are jumping ship. Hernandez probably realized his job was not safe and bailed before he was fired. It’s not hard to guess that Ross could be the next on his way out, but he won’t be alone.

Two other senior Commerce officials have left the department in the past month: Eric Branstad, Senior White House Advisor and White House Liaison Todd Abrajano.

Why it matters: Axios reports, “Hernandez was a key figure — relied upon by congressional staff, K Street and others for help navigating the department. I don’t have a full picture, yet, or why he left. But a source close to the department said he’s a major loss.”

Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly had a very public disagreement last week and it’s since been reported that Trump is shopping around for Kelly a replacement. Trump has picked his daughter Ivanka to head the search. This could just be another attempt to scare Kelly into doing Trump’s bidding like he has with Sessions and Tillerson.

So, in the span of just a day, Trump has lost another key adviser and it appears at least two more are following him out the door. If Kelly is fired, that will be the third White House Chief of Staff in one year.

This administration is a chaotic nightmare and the entire team seems to be in constant turmoil. It’s no surprise the government shut down when the White House can’t even work together, much less with people across the aisle.

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