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Trump’s “Witch Hunt” Attack on Robert Mueller Goes Up in Flames, Legal Expert Explains

President* Donald Trump likes to claim that the investigation into his and his campaigns’ ties to Russia by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is “a witch hunt.”  Trump tweets about the alleged witch hunt nearly every single day, and now that Mueller is rumored to be nearing the end of the probe, Trump has escalated the claim.

CNN legal analyst Shan Wu recently destroyed the witch hunt claims during a segment about the latest developments in the Mueller probe. Wu said that it was ridiculous spin to dismiss getting caught lying to the FBI as the equivalent of jaywalking, as Trump likes to downplay the significance of the convictions that have been leveled by Mueller.

“That term — process crime — that’s just nonsense,” he said. “It’s a crime. It’s a crime to make false statements to investigators. It’s a crime to make false statements to Congress. It’s basically perjury. That’s a substantive crime, not just a mere process crime.”

Wu also pointed out that the sheer volume of lies told by Donald Trump associates seems to point to some type of coordinated effort to hide the truth from law enforcement officials. These aren’t just memory slips that cause people to make false statements unknowingly.

“When you look at this investigation, the amount of false statement convictions is just unbelievable,” he said. “It permeates the entire situation… It also raises questions about what they’re so desperately trying to hide at this point.”

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