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Ty Cobb Caught Talking Loudly About Investigation Holding Two Cell Phones in Airport

Trump’s lawyer Ty Cobb, who just quit working for Trump, is the same guy who famously got caught discussing the Trump-Russia scandal in a restaurant by a New York Times reporter. Now he’s running his mouth again, but this time it was at an airport.

Twitter user @trumpanhator was sitting next to Ty in the airport and he even had a picture to prove it. He described it like this:

“Guess who I saw today? Leaving DC via Reagan Nat. Airport. He pulled out two phones and proceeded to loudly talk about how they all needed to be on the same page, Jay and he and Rudy. He didn’t even try to talk quietly.”

“One phone seemed to be for talking to his family, he talked about his departure and landing times. The other phone he was clearly talking to someone other than Jay Sekulow or Rudy Giuliani because he said Jay and Rudy and I need to have the same talking points.”

@trumpanhator  goes on to say, “When he first sat down I immediately noticed his boots. They were made of animal skin which made me look up. I immediately recognized him. Googled him on my phone to prove to my wife that I wasn’t crazy. You can’t mistake that mustache. My son laughed so loud Cobb looked at us”

“You can see the second phone on his lap. He switched back and forth during the 20-30 minutes we were there. The larger phone with the red cover had an American flag inside a heart on the back cover. When I pointed this out to my son he said “Oh that should be a Russian flag”

When a child nearby laughed at him he realized he had an audience, but went right back to loudly discussing the case. He clearly has zero understanding of how people’s ears work and the details he is laying out there for everyone around him to hear.

Another one of Trump’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, did a horrendous job on network television, leading to host Chris Wallace to saying “Oh boy this is weird.” And, of course, Michael Cohen is facing possible legal charges for paying money to a porn star to protect Trump.

Basically Trump has hired a real stand up team of representatives. At least they are entertaining.

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