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U.S Marine Tells America How They Can Thank Him For His Service Today

Marine Frank Biggio, like the majority of our military personnel, doesn’t need any special thanks or favors for his service.  Instead of accolades from the public, Biggio is asking American to do one thing for him: vote for Hillary Clinton.

In an op-ed written for, Biggio lists the numerous reasons he believes Clinton is a better option than Donald Trump, beginning with the GOP Candidates’ lack of knowledge in foreign and military affairs:

“One of our options includes a man who has glibly spoken about using nuclear weapons in Europe and the Middle East and seems unconcerned about nuclear proliferation by other countries simply because it is “going to happen anyway;” who fails to comprehend the deterrent effect of U.S. troops in South Korea against increasingly belligerent threats by North Korea; who would allow NATO member states on Russia’s western border to fall to Kremlin aggression unless they “pay up;” and who has denigrated the family of an Army captain killed in action while serving his country.’’

Biggio then shifts his attention to Trump’s thin-skinned temperament:

‘This is a mercurial man who will have almost unchecked authority to put uniformed men and women in harm’s way, but whose understanding of foreign affairs and military strategy is based almost solely on his instincts rather than analysis.’’

Then, evoking a comparison to one of our greatest military leaders, Biggio writes:

‘‘Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower drafted a letter on the eve of D-Day which was to be released in the event the invasion failed. He wrote: “If any blame attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone.” We of course know that the Allied Forces succeeded after storming Normandy’s beaches and Gen. Eisenhower praised the efforts of his teams, from the generals to the privates…Trump is no Eisenhower. He’s more like the fictional Captain Queeg played by Humphrey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny — paranoid, erratic, condescending and ultimately incompetent…’’

Biggio closes by urging us one last time to vote for Hillary Clinton:

‘’We have an alternative to the embarrassment that is Donald Trump, a candidate who, though not flawless, has actual experience and demonstrated pragmatism, is known and respected by military and civilian leaders in America and abroad, and is capable of decisiveness and restraint as the situation requires. I’m with her.”

‘This Election Day, please thank me for my service by voting for Hillary Clinton as our president and commander in chief.’’

Let’s get with Biggio and show Donald Trump that we believe he is completely unqualified to lead our country and our military.

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