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Republicans Think Veterans Should Pay For Their Own GI Benefit, Legislation Drafted

Republicans like to fall all over themselves with praise as the party that supports the troops, and Republicans in the House of Representatives just proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt with the move that was just taken against veterans.

According to the Military Times, House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) has drafted legislation that would charge soldiers $100 a month for access to the GI Bill. The bill would deduct a total of $2,400 from each soldier’s paycheck to make them eligible.

To be clear, this money would not be used to offset spending, because it would only be a fraction of the total cost. Supporters of the proposal say that having soldiers “buy in” would make future budget-makers less likely to cut veterans benefits, which is a lie, for two reasons:

1) It is really an attempt to reduce the number of veterans whose educations they have to pay for by forcing already low-paid soldiers to give up $2,400.

2) The “people likely to cut soldiers’ benefits” are the politicians who are proposing this law!

Democrats and veterans groups believe that the education benefit is earned through service, not by paying money back to the country they serve.

“Pushing this GI Bill tax proposal on troops in a time of war is political cowardice,” said Paul Rieckhoff, CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “Some politicians would rather make backroom deals than raise taxes or find other ways to support our troops as bombs continue to fall overseas.”

This is the ethos of the Republican party: “Family values!” Unless your family looks different than theirs. “Pro-Life!” Except for war, the death penalty, poor people, mental illnesses, etc.  “Support the troops!”  Well, don’t actually support them. Just give it lip service.

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