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We’re Now Just Days Away From Robert Mueller Starting Prison Sentences

For a while, it was beginning to seem as if none of the players involved in the Trump-Russia scandal were actually going to be given a prison sentence. However, that changed last month when Alex Van Der Zwaan became the first one to receive his. And according to recent developments in the Special Counsel’s investigation, several other major players could be following suit in a matter of weeks, if not days.

This Friday, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort has an arraignment scheduled due to the latest criminal charges filed against him. And if things go the way Robert Mueller plans, expect Manafort to be locked up in a prison cell shortly thereafter, where he’ll be serving his time until his trial is completed. Even then, he will most likely be sentenced to remain there for life. That’s expected to happen this friday, June 15th.

Nevertheless, as big as that news is, Manafort isn’t the only one facing prison time in the coming days, as it appears George Papadopoulos could be joining him in that regard. In case you’ve forgotten, Papadopoulos cut a plea deal roughly one year ago in which he agreed to serve up to six months in prison. Since then, his sentencing has been delayed, but Mueller has continued using him to his advantage as a cooperating witness in the investigation. However, Mueller filed papers two weeks ago indicating that Papadopoulos’ cooperation period has run its course, meaning his sentencing delay has as well.

While Papadopoulos’ sentence will certainly be one of the shorter ones we see, the same can not be said for Michael Flynn’s or Rick Gates’. Although both have agreed to plea deals of their own, according to various legal observers, theirs are far more likely to include multi-year prison sentences. However, unlike Papadopoulos, Robert Mueller isn’t using them as witnesses…at least not yet, anyway.

Now that we know the prison sentences have begun and appear to be picking up steam,  Trump has to be extremely nervous right about now.

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