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What Trump and His Supporters Are Missing About Comey’s Testimony

Republicans, including the President, are strangely celebrating James Comey’s testimony from Thursday as a vindicating victory for the Trump team. However,  Comey’s testimony is anything but vindicating for Trump. In fact, it paints a vivid picture of constitutional crimes and an even bigger cover-up of those crimes.

From Huffington Post:
Trump was not under criminal investigation himself when Comey was fired last month, Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee. What could put the president in hot water with Special Counsel Robert Mueller now are his alleged attempts to lean on Comey to end the FBI’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Rather than facing an FBI probe that might have ended with Flynn, the president is now looking at an expanding and independent investigation.

Comey said he is “sure” that whether Trump engaged in obstruction of justice is a focus of Mueller’s investigation. “I don’t think it’s for me to say whether the conversation I had with the president was an effort to obstruct,” he added.

Nor would Comey explicitly say whether he believed Trump ever coordinated with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election; he declined to discuss the subject in an unclassified setting. But his confirmation that Trump was not under investigation at the point when the president fired Comey makes clear what a mess Trump created for himself when he allegedly tried to lean on the FBI director and ultimately fired him.

There had been some debate on Comey’s team as to whether the director should inform Trump that he was not under investigation. One of Comey’s aides argued that, just as in almost any criminal probe, investigators would work their way up the chain and any evidence of Trump’s knowledge of Russian interference could become part of the inquiry in due course.

Comey said Thursday that what he told the president about not being under investigation was “accurate and fair” at the time. That’s no longer the case.

By firing Comey, Trump created a powerful enemy no longer entirely constrained by the traditions of the FBI or the desire to keep his job. Compounding their error, the Trump administration and the president himself angered Comey with what Comey called their “shifting explanations” for his firing that left him “confused” and “concerned.”

The White House’s initial story — that Comey was fired because of his handling of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails — “didn’t make sense to me for a whole bunch of reasons,” Comey said Thursday.

Comey’s testimony was completely damning for the Trump administration. If there is any reason at all for Trump to celebrate, it’s that Congressional Republicans have their heads so far up their rear-ends that they’re not going to let anything happen to Trump as a result.  So, we may be stuck with Trump, at least until we can flip congress back to Democratic control and get this corrupt toddler out of office.

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