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White House Attacks Samantha Bee…Then Video of Trump Gets Released Using Same Vulgar Word

Earlier this week, as sane Americans were turning on Roseanne Barr for her disgusting racism and Trumpsters and the White House themselves virtually defended her disgusting racism, a liberal entertainer, Samantha Bee , decided to call Ivanka Trump a very ugly word.

Of course, the backlash from conservatives, and again, the White House themselves, was swift and firm, because of course, a little vulgar profanity is as bad as blatant racism, right? Let’s be clear, Roseanne Barr calling someone an ape is far, far worse than a comedian calling Ivanka a c***.

People were quick to point out that vulgarity and racism are not the same thing.  Legendary actress Sally Field, for instance tweeted the following:

While the White House and all of Trump’s defenders we’re up in arms about someone using the c-word, apparently it’s only a big deal if it’s someone other than Trump uses that word:

While the White House was quick to comment on how “vile” Bee’s comment was, no word yet on how vile they consider most of the things Donald Trump has ever said.

Remember when Trump said it’s cool to just grab women by the p****?  That’s somehow not a big deal.

It should also be noted that Bee apologized within hours. Still waiting on Trump to apologize for all the far more vile and disgusting things he’s ever said.

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