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Within Minutes After North Korea Deal, Trump Makes an Admission and Laughs in Our Face

Popular vote loser Donald Trump fails, a lot. From his failed, bankrupt businesses, to his failed marriages, to his disastrous first 18 months as President, the man just fails, a lot. Nevertheless, he still brags about all the “winning” he does.

Which leads us to the North Korea deal that Trump has been gloating about – it’s a total bust. And he’s already making excuses for its total failure. Trump actually said this:

“I may be wrong, I mean I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey I was wrong.’ I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.”

Watch him say it for yourself…

And just like that, Trump has publicly admitted that, at least on some level, he expects this things to fail and when it does, he’ll blame something or someone for it.

Friends, we have officially entered a point in this circus of a presidency where Trump is rubbing the fact that he’s a conman is our faces and laughing about it every step of the way.

Trump can’t even keep his insane thoughts to himself. Whatever enters his brain immediately spills out of his mouth, which is extremely dangerous and embarrasses America in the process.

Trump knows the deal with Kim Jong Un is a complete and total bust, but he’s already admitting he’ll just blow it off and make excuses when his supporters get wise.  Of course, that may be a while, but the tide is finally starting to turn.

If North Korea actually gets rid of their nuclear weapons, I’ll issue a public apology for writing this and personally praise Trump on his Twitter account. Then I’ll eat my hat, too. However, there’s zero chance that I’m at risk of having to do so.

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