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About DC BlueDot was launched to fill a rather large void online with political media publications, specifically in the progressive news space. Facebook engagement has been our main focus to reach and grow our audience given the fact that over 150 million people actively use Facebook in the U.S. with an average time spent on Facebook of almost 40 minutes per day. We understood early on that this was the absolute best way to reach our audience and we continue focus our efforts on growing our fan base daily.

We provide a variety of progressive articles, media, images and videos that deliver a message in a way that that in engaging, fun, and informative.


We are not another me-too media outlet, nor are we trying to be what the mainstream media has become in recent years. We write articles and editorials that matter to the Liberal Community and only use reliable, journalistic sources as our foundation, and we provide links to all original sources within the text of our articles.

We desire to be a place where you can find news that is relevant to your progressive ideals.

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