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According to reporter source, we know now why Trump doesn’t want Mueller’s report released

If there was any doubt of who’s team Attorney General William Barr is on, it was confirmed this week when he acted like Trump’s puppet. Barr’s “summary” of the Robert Mueller report is the most one sided pro-Trump piece possibly ever written. Even though the entire report hasn’t been made public, pieces of it are beginning to surface and they paint an entirely different story than the one Barr is telling.

One reporter, Virginia Heffernan, that has contributed to the Los Angeles Times, Wired Magazine, and MSNBC just tweeted that she has a good source who passed along this opinion regarding the Mueller report:

“It’s really damaging to the president. I can’t answer any questions about it. But it’s bad.” Then the source added that Barr’s version “is NOT Mueller’s report,” and “the report is much worse than this.”

If the source does know what the full report says, this is a blatant attempt of the Attorney General to protect Donald Trump. Barr can’t be silly enough to think that the Democrats won’t make this report public. This spin on the story only buys Trump a bit of time until the full truth comes out. The Democrats are going to subpoena Mueller’s full report and then Mueller to testify and Trump won’t have anyone who can protect him from that.

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