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Adam Schiff lands another major witness against Trump – and it will be public

Felix Sater is a convicted Russian mafia money launderer, and he is also a dear friend of the Trump family. The Trump Organization and Sater partnered together on many deals over the years, but most notably the shady Trump Soho real estate project. In an unexpected twist during that deal, Sater became a government informant.

Sater’s name has come up several times in the Trump-Russia investigation, but no one has figured out his exact role in the criminal activity, until now. The House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced that Felix Sater will testify publicly on March 14th in front of the committee. This is big development.

Sater’s testimony will be public and share an inside look into the relationship he has with the Trump family. As a government informant he will have to tell the truth out of fear of harming himself in the process. Trump likes to say he has no idea who Sater is, but we can fully expect Sater to prove otherwise.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment…

“If he [Sater] were sitting in the room right now, I really wouldn’t know what he looked like,” Trump testified in a video deposition for a civil lawsuit two years ago.

Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor with the Democratic Coalition, discovered a Russian language interview with Felix Sater, which was published in November, 2016, that explains the relationship between Trump and Sater. Donald Trump claims he doesn’t know the guy, but as you are about to learn, that is not true. In fact, Sater was actively involved in Trump’s presidential campaign, according to Sater.

Grant Stern points out, Felix Sater told the Moscow media that he met with Trump’s campaign before the election, and revealed intimate details about his relationship with the man who Donald Trump swears he doesn’t know.

Felix Sater’s admitted contact with the Trump campaign during the election culminated in an incident where he carried an abortive secret “peace plan” between Russia and the United States over Ukraine that dovetailed with Donald Trump Jr.’s paid trip to speak a Putin-supported, Paris “peace conference” with a Syrian group.

In the interview, Sater tells the story of meeting Donald Trump and his ten years of regular contact with him — sometimes as much as twice a day.

The interview also reveals that Sater “openly moonlighted in the Trump Organization as US secret agent for the FBI and CIA, after he was convicted racketeering with the New York mafia in 1998 — which took a Supreme Court ruling to reveal”, Stern reports.

However, Trump claims he wouldn’t know the guy “if he were sitting in the room right now”. Oh, Really, Trump?

Here’s Sater’s business card:

In short, Felix Sater claims that Trump knew about his secret agent activities with the FBI and CIA, and he also claims to have had regular contact with the Trump campaign last year.

You can check out the rest of the in-depth report over at Stern Facts where all of the dots are connected in great detail.

The investigation has really ramped up in the last few months. We are just two weeks away from this major testimony and we can guarantee that he won’t be the only one they will bring in to testify. House Dems are going to put more witnesses on public display so that everyone has a true understanding of what’s really going on. Prosecutors must be close to finishing their investigation if Congress is free to conduct their own so quickly. Get ready, because things are only going to get more interesting from here on out.

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