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Adam Schiff’s method to take down the 45th President of the United States now revealed

Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee are lining up people to bring in to testify about Donald Trump’s various crimes and scandals. Their list already includes Robert Mueller and Don McGahn. Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee are taking a different approach to the situation and Schiff just revealed one of his key pieces of strategy.

Members of Trump’s criminal defense team, including Jay Sekulow, instructed Michael Cohen to make false statements to Congress. This has led to many questions about the team’s crimes in regards to witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Sekulow also allegedly ran every move past Trump who was very pleased with it. Trump’s Attorney General William Barr is going to protect Sekulow for now, but Trump and Barr will be out of the way eventually and then Sekulow will have to answer for his actions.

Schiff revealed last night that he’s about to bring the heat on Trump’s legal team. It’s not hard to see which route he would take. Schiff is going to scare Sekulow into flipping on Trump in order to save himself. Sekulow is the only one who could testify that Trump instructed him to have Cohen lie to Congress and finally nail Trump for witness tampering and obstruction.

Sekulow might not be willing to flip on Trump, but they are at least going to have to face some pressure. They would be idiots to think Trump is really going to pardon them. Cohen made the smart move and flipped on Trump and still faced prison time, so this legal team better not roll the dice with this one. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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