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Mexico Crushes Trump with Amazing Response to Hurricane Victims

As popular vote loser Donald Trump continues to insult Mexico via Twitter and insist that they’re going to pay for his wall, Mexico is offering a hand of mercy in the form of emergency relief for their Texas neighbors to the north. I guess the old adage is true: Mexico > Donald Trump.

In essence, Mexico is saying: We will not pay for your stupid wall, but we will help Texas hurricane victims.

Think Progress explains:
In comments made Sunday, Mexican officials honed in on the tragedy currently playing out only a short distance away. Texas has been staring down a humanitarian and economic crisis following Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall late Friday evening as a Category 4 hurricane.

While Harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm as of Monday, rain and winds continue to batter the Lone Star State’s beleaguered coast, including Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States. Tens of thousands of Texans evacuated the coast over the weekend, and many have taken refuge in shelters elsewhere in the state. Experts are speculating the storm’s ramifications could be felt for years—with horrifying implications for Texas.

“The government of Mexico takes this opportunity to express its full solidarity with the people and government of the United States for the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and reports that we have offered the US government all the help and cooperation that can be provided by the different Mexican governmental agencies to deal with the impacts of this natural disaster, as good neighbors should always do in times of difficulty,” a statement from the government read.

This statement is in stark contrast to the statements (read: tweets) of popular vote loser Donald Trump, like this one:

Trump either doesn’t know that Mexico has been a good neighbor to the US in this situation before, or he just doesn’t care:

One State Dept. official told the Washington Post, “It is common during hurricanes and other significant weather events for the U.S. Government to be in close contact with our neighbors and partners in the region to share data and cooperate as needed and appropriate. If a need for assistance does arise, we will work with our partners, including Mexico, to determine the best way forward.”

Well, that’s going to be kind of difficult with the American Twitterer-in-Chief trying to start a war with them.

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