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And just like that – there is a significant confession as Robert Mueller plows ahead

It has been predicted that this week would be a pivotal time for the Mueller investigation. As if on cue, Erik Prince just admitted that he participated in the second Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and other key players during the election. He then claimed that he did tell the House about the meeting during his testimony despite it not being on the transcript. He said the transcript must be wrong. In the midst of this absurdity, he’s changed the game in a huge way.

Erik Prince actually expects us to believe his insane story, but no one is going to believe that he confessed to the meeting to the House Intel Committee with no records to back that up. No one from either party remembers it, the transcriber didn’t catch it, no one was talking about, but he swears it happened. Yeah, ok, Erik.

The only reason he would try to pass such a ridiculous excuse off is if he knew he was facing criminal charges and he’s trying to line up his defense. If that’s not it, then he’s just really not a smart individual. If he is going to get out of the mess he’s in, he has to convince the jury that he isn’t really guilty, or that there is at least a reasonable doubt.

This is probably the reason behind it, given that he made it this far in his career. He knows what it takes to paint a picture and sell a story. He must know Mueller is closing in and an indictment was headed his way. He’s trying to lay out his defense preemptively and while it’s not the worst idea, it still won’t save him.

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