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And just like that, Trump’s very own William Barr may have just cost him

Given last week’s announcement by the Feds at the SDNY, it would appear as though Attorney General William Barr has intervened and persuaded them to put an end to the Trump-Cohen probe once and for all. However, if that’s truly the case, then Barr may have screwed up in a major way.

The SDNY had previously been in active and aggressive pursuit of the investigation, even going so far as to accuse Donald Trump of being the “Individual 1” named within it, yet suddenly it has called it quits and is claiming that no additional charges will be brought? Seems awfully suspicious, especially considering Barr is the only individual in a position to force its hand in such a way.

However, if Barr thought that ending the probe would somehow protect Donald Trump, then he is sadly mistaken.  Now that the probe’s findings have been released in full to the public, and an underrated search warrant document has revealed a series of phone calls that took place in October of 2016 between Cohen, the president’s then-campaign press secretary, Hope Hicks, and Trump himself, you can’t help but question the president’s knowledge and wonder if the content of those conversations involved the hush-payment deal with adult film-star Stormy Daniels. That said, I’d dare say conspiracy charges are far from off the table.

So, why did the SDNY make the announcement that no additional charges would be brought? Well, according to Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner in an appearance on MSNBC, the Feds apparently like to bring all conspiracy charges at once, in order to maximize the odds of landing convictions. And since the SDNY can’t bring federal charges against Donald Trump while he remains in office, they must be planning to wait until he’s out. Nevertheless, if Barr forced its hand in shutting down the probe, he may have also unknowingly forced eventual conspiracy charges upon Trump.

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