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Another one of Trump’s Republicans quits abruptly

According to The Dallas Morning News, Texas Interim Secretary of State David Whitley has resigned from his role.

The embattled Whitley wrote in a letter “I am forever indebted to Texas for all it has done for my family and me. Thank you again for this incredible chance to make it a better place.”

As the state’s top voting official he has faced scrutiny over his practices, including how he questioned the citizenship of 100,000 Texas voters.

Just as the 2019 session was coming to an end, and it appeared the Texas government would not confirm him, Whitley resigned effective immediately.

“The reality is Democrats showed solidarity on that issue because of Whitley’s position on voter suppression. That was the issue. It was not that he was not a good person. It seems like he was a great person,” Sen. Royce West said.

This is a win for voter’s rights and a deep blow to the conservative base. We expect more details to come out in the coming days about what led Whitley to finally make this decision and what comes next for the Secretary of State position.

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