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Another one of Trump’s Republicans has announces their resignation

If there was one thing the month of July yielded more than anything else, it was the number of House Republican who up and decided to announce their abrupt resignations. It was almost as if the GOP was abandoning ship and could not wait to get away from Donald Trump and the 2020 ballot. And although August has been relatively quiet on that front, it appears it no longer is as yet another House Republican has announced he wants out, and he wants out NOW.

That’s right. In a statement released on Monday, Republican Congressman Sean Duffy let it be known that he’s resigning as of September which is just a few mere days away. Of course, Duffy’s statement includes the typical reasoning you would expect from just about any politician, as he claims he wants to spend more time with his family.

Considering his wife is pregnant with complications and is set to give birth within the next couple of months, there truly may not be anything more to the story. However, you can’t help but wonder what his departure will mean for Trump and the GOP heading into 2020. It certainly doesn’t help their position, especially since Duffy was likely to win re-election in his swing state had he stayed and ran.

Will a Democrat rise and take over the seat he’ll be leaving vacant? Only time will tell. But at the rate the Republican seats are being vacated, you certainly have to like the Democrats chances.

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