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Trump Blasts Hillary’s Health…THEN Trump’s FAKE Medical Letter By a FAKE Doctor Gets EXPOSED!

In one of the more bizarre stories to come out of the increasingly ludicrous circus that is Donald Trump’s Campaign for President, Dr. Harold Bornstein (if that’s your real name) is reporting that Trump is more than healthy enough to assume the role of Leader of the Free World.

Bornstein’s letter says that “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency.”

The absurdity and curious wording of this statement has many questioning the veracity.  In addition to the wording that sounds an awful lot like Donald Trump’s own speech, the doctor in question is a doctor of gastroenterology and not a general practitioner or internist.

In addition to that, the letter includes a fake gmail address and a link to a fake website “confirming” he is a real doctor.

Newsweek reports, “There is also a website listed, but if you follow the URL (, sometimes it takes you to, a blank page that asks if you want to upload an update to a Flash program onto your computer (the domain name,, is still for sale. No, I can’t explain that.) If you decline, it does so anyway and, based on the response of the security system on my computer, the “program” on the doctor’s supposed website is a virus. (Other times it takes you to a generic medical website. No, I can’t explain that either.)”

You can view the letter here:

Writing a letter posing as a doctor (and the wrong kind of doctor, to boot) to prove that Trump is in good health may be the most hilariously Trump thing in the history of the world.

Did they think that not one person with internet access might try to email the doctor or check out the website or wonder why he’s been seeing a Gastrointestinal Doctor as his GP for 4 decades?

Kurt Eichenwald went on to point out,  “Unlike the Clinton letter, it does not contain a full medical history for Trump. The letter also has problems with sentence structure and major typographical errors, such as the opening line, “To Whom My Concern.” Most amusing, it says that his medical examination of Trump has “only positive results.” In medical terms, if the test is positive, it confirms the existence of disease. Is this doctor saying Trump has every medical ailment that could be found in examination? Does he not know the meaning of the word? Or, as I suspect, was the letter written by someone in the Trump campaign?”

It just gets more absurd by the day.

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