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Buckle up, America. Bob Mueller is about to drop the hammer

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. This week Special Counsel Robert Mueller will publicly testify about his Trump investigation.

His 400 page report was full of damning evidence against Donald Trump. The evidence exposed Trump’s misdeeds over the last several years and explained how Trump found his way to the White House. Since very few people have actually read the entire 400 pages, most people don’t even realize the severity of his activity. Mueller is now going to be on television and spell it out in short, easy to understand answers.

Robert Mueller has a long history of saying as little as necessary. He isn’t going to just lay it all out there for Congress in excessive detail. He’s even said that he won’t be giving any answers that aren’t already outlined in his report, which is his way of saying he won’t be commenting on whether or not he thinks Trump committed felony obstruction of justice. He’s going to keep his personal beliefs on what crimes Trump should be prosecuted for to himself and simply state the facts.

Luckily, he doesn’t have to say whether he thinks Trump is guilty or not for it to be effective. He just has to lay out the mountains of evidence he’s collected and the people will be able to see the criminal and unethical activity displayed by the president over the last several years. Everyone is going to be paying attention to this testimony and the reaction is going to be a strong one.

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