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Buckle up – Here comes Robert Mueller, again

Donald Trump’s actions usually tell us exactly what he’s thinking and this time we know he’s beyond terrified. Apparently, Trump will soon announce an executive action to flout the Supreme Court’s ruling on the census citizenship question and order ICE to begin mass deportations in several cities starting immediately.

Trump’s sudden intense behavior strangely coincides with Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. This is clearly another distraction tactic from the testimony. On Twitter, Trump even admitted Mueller is on his mind saying that Mueller is “highly conflicted and compromised.”

We have reason to be hopeful about this testimony. The report might have been his initial explanation, but there are several pieces we would love clarification on and odds are we will get it. Mueller’s testimony will also be televised, which will surely sway public opinion. Democratic Rep. Jamie Ruskin said recently that this testimony will be “an opportunity to amplify the message of the report.”

Trump’s clearly bothered by Mueller’s upcoming testimony. If there was nothing to worry about Trump wouldn’t be acting out so much. One thing is for sure, this week is going to be very interesting.

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