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Buckle Up: Here Comes Robert Mueller to Set the Record Straight Publicly

Now that the Attorney General William Barr has held his press conference and officially released the redacted Mueller report to the general public, we’re able to see exactly how bad this looks for Donald Trump. And interestingly enough, it appears this news also came with an added bonus, as it appears somewhere between Barr’s summary, his press conference words, and the hundreds of pages in the report, Barr may have inadvertently outed himself on potential obstruction of justice.

More than likely, this didn’t go unnoticed, which could prove to be rather unfortunate for Barr, especially considering that, in a separate press conference held by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler yesterday afternoon, it was announced that Barr must now stand before the committee on May 2nd to provide testimony regarding his handling of the Mueller report. Furthermore, Nadler also stated that Robert Mueller will also be brought in to publicly testify about the report shortly thereafter.

Nevertheless, on the heels of Barr’s display of dishonesty the past few weeks, it will be interesting to see how his testimony plays out. No matter what questions the House Judiciary Committee throws his way, his answers — or lack thereof — will only set the stage for Mueller to come in as a cooperative witness who’s willing (and legally free) to openly discuss the redacted version of the report and completely wreck Barr’s already tainted image in all of this.

Poor Barr. He may have thought he was coming out ahead when Mueller first filed his report, but after his “summary” debacle and yesterday’s flop of a press conference, it appears the House Judiciary Committee is completely controlling the reigns at this point. Needless to say, getting both him and Mueller in front of the cameras to testify about Donald Trump is a huge deal, especially if it leads to clarity regarding the report and jump-starts the impeachment process.

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