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Burger King Takes Swipe at Republican Logic in Brilliant New Ad

Even fast food restaurants are getting political these days. If you’d like a side order of political commentary aimed against Republicans with your Whopper, Burger King has just the thing for you.

Burger King’s Ad reeling against the FCC’s repeal of Obama’s net neutrality laws has gone massively viral.

The repeal of net neutrality is one of the least popular decisions in a long line of decisions by Republicans, hovering somewhere an 85% disapproval rating for overturning this bill.

It’s time to vote these yahoos out of office this fall.  Even Burger King knows it.

The commercial uses a “fast lane, slow lane” metaphor to explain the core of the net neutrality debate. The FCC voted to roll back Obama-era net neutrality regulations, which means internet service providers (ISPs) will be allowed to control the speeds at which websites are able to deliver content. Net Neutrality was designed to ensure all content was treated equally, but the providers can now charge more to have content load faster, which is what the “fast lane, slow lane” Burger King as was designed to explain.

The Burger King version of this concept involves customers discovering that the speed with which the restaurant fulfills their Whopper orders is dependent on how much they’re willing to pay. The fastest speed costs an exorbitant $25.99, while the slowest is $4.99, closer to the usual price of a Whopper. By the end of the video, the customers appear exasperated by the ordeal of navigating this tiered system.

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